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implementation guidance for section i

to support the harmonized implementation of the tfa by using core wco instruments and tools, the wco released an implementation guidance for section i. for each tfa article, it contains the following categories of information: overview; text of the tfa article; relevant rkc standards and rkc guidelines; other relevant wco tools; member practices; and performance indicators. select an article below to view more information

the wto trade facilitation agreement and the wco mercator programme approach to implementation 

this publication complements the wco implementation guidance web tool and represents an introduction to this guide. while the implementation guidance concentrates on the individual trade facilitation provisions of section i in greater detail, this document was developed to provide an overview of the tfa, the history behind it, the key steps required for accession to and compliance with the tfa, including sequencing of implementation, provision of technical assistance/capacity building (ta/cb) and monitoring.

  • article 1

    publication and availability of information
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  • article 2

    opportunity to comment, information before entry into force and consultations
  • article 3

    advance rulings
  • article 4

    procedures for appeal or review
  • article 5

    other measures to enhance impartiality, non discrimination and transparency
  • article 6

    disciplines on fees and charges imposed on or in connection with importation and exportation and penalties
  • article 7

    release and clearance of goods
  • article 8

    border agency cooperation
  • article 9

    movement of goods intended for import under customs control
  • article 10

    formalities connected with importation and exportation and transit
  • article 11

    freedom of transit
  • article 12

    customs cooperation
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